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We used all our sound designer skills to create this ambient pop song with voices and percussion only. Happy and proud to release it today!

With heavy use of vocoders, samplers, pitch shifters and effects, I guess you could call it "Electronica without synths"

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We're happy to announce the premiere of our very first real music video!

Big thanks to Magnus Ekström and Urusai Media for your great work!

We perform the song My Bleeding Heart, made solely with voices and sounds from percussion instruments, for example an udo drum and a  pitched thai gong for the bassline.
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"The Swedish indie-dance duo Sounds like Friday released their debut EP on the 11th.
The eponymous five track release extends a gracious arm towards the audience and invites them onto the dance-floor to join in with the light textures which fill the room. Ranging from popular music to funky-soul the duo deliver an EP to take out anytime there is a thought of a party.
The middle of the five tracks - My Bleeding Heart - is my pick of the release as it is the most complex and slowest on the EP with vocal showcased inside ringing instrumentation."

Thank you, Tim Whale at Emerging Indie Bands blog for this beautiful review!

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When we worked on our EP we really felt we wanted to continue exploring the field of using vocals and percussion only. We, as well as the reviewer above, felt there was something extra about the song My Bleeding Heart, which was made this way. So this is what we're experimenting with right now.
We're having so much fun focusing our sound designing skills on all things possible to do with voice sounds and playing rhythms on things like beds, floors, pieces of wood and cans, and look forward to sharing the results with the world further down the road!

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Andrea Bocelli made three stops in Scandinavia on his Cinema World Tour, and Roger joined the Stockholm Concert Orchestra and accompanied him. A total of 37 000 people enjoyed the celebrated world tenor and his friends in Copenhagen Forum, Telenor Arena in Oslo and Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm.

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A six-song piece for choir, clarinet and guitar has been commissioned from Maria by Duo Dialog. It's a mix of arrangements and compositions over melodies by choir nestor Leif Strand, and the lyrics are poems by Swedish national poet Nils Ferlin.
It will be performed by Duo Dialog and different choirs around Sweden, and this spring concerts are booked with Aurora Choir in Karlskrona April 23, Lulea Chamber Choir May 17 and St Johannes Chamber Choir in Malmo May 28.

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Here's the beautiful trailer to the filmed version of Midsummer Night's Dream with the Royal Swedish Ballet that we worked with in the fall. Filmed and produced by Bel Air media. The full performance will be sent in National Swedish Television SVT2 tonight at 20.05. We'll come back with a link to SVT Play when it's available.

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Last Friday we  went to Gavle with our pop project Sounds like Friday. Half an hour of direct radio broadcast of interviews (in Swedish) and the pop songs from our November EP (in English). We brought bassist Gunnar Schenk and filmer Kristin Dahlén and had a blast. Big thanks to them and to P4 Gavleborg's Catrin Landén (to the left in the picture, with her producer colleague Martina Söderlind) and eminent sound technician Mattz for having us!

Click the picture to listen, and choose the blue playbutton that says "LYSSNA FRÅN DELAD TIDPUNKT" (Listen from shared timecode).

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So, finally, after a row of single releases during the year, it's time to release our first EP. Five pop songs with an eclectic mix of influences, with real strings, ambient soundscapes and insanely happy grooves.

Now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other digital platforms. 

So please help us spread the word! Follow, save and share on Spotify!



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Lately we've been focusing on music for the scene, working as laptop musicians designing sound in realtime in the dance performance Midsummer Night's Dream (Alexander Ekmans Midsommarnattsdrom) with the Royal Ballet at Stockholm Opera.
Great Harlem-based Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson's music was performed by Dahlkvist string quartet, pianist Henrik Mawe, percussionist Niklas Brommare and the outstanding singer Anna von Hausswolff and Grobe music (Roger Bergstrom and Maria Gronlund) as laptop musicians. 
21 sold-out performances has now been done before enthusiastic audiences and overwhelmed reviewers and it has been filmed by French production company Bel Air with upcoming broadcast on SVT. The great mind behind it all, choreographer Alexander Ekman ("The Zlatan of the dance world" according to DN) is now heading to Paris to stage his spectacular ballet A Swan Lake - set in water(!) at the Paris Opera.

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