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Success at the Opera!

Not a single ticket left, people with signs pleading to buy tickets outside the venue the last night and brilliant reviews - what an amazing experience to be a small part of Alexander Ekman's and composer Mikael Karlsson's ballet performance Midsommarnattsdrom!

From our work space in the golden balcony just opposite the royal one we had a splendid view over the audience, and truey enjoyed their great enthusiasm.

"Of all my premieres this is the most awesome audience reaction I've ever seen", Linus Fellbom who made the light design said.

We can only agree that this is a remarkable piece of art, and it was a fantastic honour to get to participate in it. Happy news is that it will come back to Stockholm Opera in September of 2016!

Two of Sweden's top reviewer profiles:

"World Premiere of 'Midsommarnattsdrom' at the Opera tonight! Among the best I've seen. Ever. All categories. Thank you Mikael Karlsson for the best music, Anna von Hausswolff for marvellous singing and Alexander Ekman for a totally unbeatable choerography and scenography. Thanks to all amazing dancers and the orchestra. And the Opera. For doing this. And to @jangradvall who got the tickets. To my life's most Midsummer..."

Per Sinding Larsen on Instagram

"Regardless what you think you're interested in, let go of everything and go to see 'Midsommarnattsdrom"! I've seen concerts and exhibitions all over the world for 35 years. This is one of my life's greatest scenic experiences, up there with Kraftwerk at Solnahallen and Robert Wilson's 'A Dream Work'. Anna von Hausswolff - singer. Wonderful music by Mikael Karlsson, which sometimes reminds me of David Sylvian and Michael Nyman. Mindblowing choreography and scenography by Alexander Ekman with a.o. several tons of hay on stage. The performance portrays a Swedish Midsummer night."

Jan Gradvall on Instagram



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