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Touring and recording

Kroumata on tour again
Roger continues touring with Kroumata. The past few months they have been in Melbourne, Australia for a first performance of  a piece by Bent Sorensen. They were also in Porto, Portugal for three concerts, and in Cologne, Germany, for a first performance of a piece by Lisa Streich.

Theater pianist
In November and January Maria will be touring in Sweden as a piano player with performances of the Music Theatre Play Tonkrocken, with Erik Winqvist and Ulrika Precht. Directed by Christine Löfgren, and produced by Cecilia Lindecrantz.

Recording album
Maria has recently participated in the recording of Daniel Ostersjo's upcoming album Birgitta-svit, with lyrics by Swedish 1950's poet Stig Dagerman. She contributed vocals and the other musicians were Daniel himself, Emil Olin, Johan Nyberg, Fredrik Cerha, Joakim Laksov and Peter Asplund.



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